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ASK Transmitter Modules

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Product Key Features

1, Operating Voltage:DC6~9V
2, Operating Current:>60mA
3, Operating Frequency:315MHz(433MHz)
4, Modulation:ASK/OOK(AM)
5, Transmitting Power:≤500mW
6, Transmitting Range:2000m(Open area)@-106dBm sensitivity
7, Connection Mode:4 Pins(at intervals of 2.54mm)VDD DATA GND ANT
8, Shape Size:40×30×8mm
9, Operating Temperature:-20℃~+70℃
10, Application: electrically operated gate, shutter, switch via remote control, and other home automation system, as well as security and alarm systems.


Important Notice

Please note that the transmitting of this module is momentary, less than 3 seconds of transmitting time each time is suggested; otherwise the high frequency transmitting valve may be damaged.

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